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Why fix your phone at Fixncell?

  • A Great Warranty
    • ​12 Months on iPhone Screen replacements; 6 months on other repairs.
    • We will not cheat you out of a warranty if it's a defective part or an error we made.
  • Fast Repairs
    • iPhone screen repair takes 15-30 minutes
  • We Fix the Cause, not Just the Symptom
    • Screens often break because of a bent or damaged frame.  We can fix those issues so that your new screen is a lot less likely to break again.  Having a store-front means we have more tools at our disposal to do the job right.
  • Great Prices
    • Often times, replacing the screen when only the glass is broken can save us (the repair businesses) a lot of money.  We pass these savings on to you by offering a lower price if the LCD is still functioning like normal.
    • If you find someone with a lower price, it's most likely because their warranty is not comparable.
  • Your Repair Technician is Not a Mystery
    • Mobile repair services operate typically like Uber, but with a lot less info about who's going to be repairing your phone.  A nation-wide service might be highly rated in another part of the country, but you have no idea if the person showing up to your door is qualified or reputable. 

When I started FixNcell Phone Repair in 2014, I had a tough time deciding if I wanted to open a mobile repair service, one that drives to the customer and fixes the device there, or if I wanted to open a store-front location.  The question that resolved the issue for me was: "(with a mobile service) Where is the customer going to go if they have an issue with their repair?"  My experience in phone repair taught me that, even if you do the repair correctly, you can still have issues because the part is defective.  Making sure I took care of my customers after the repair was and is just as important to me as getting the customers in the first place.  

With a mobile repair service, warranty trips are an extremely time-consuming proposition and will be avoided at all costs.  You may see different mobile repair companies offering "lifetime warranties", but you will also see a huge exclusion list that will invalidate any warranty.  I once had a customer tell me that he had gotten his screen replaced through a service that came to his house.  After the repair was completed, the technician told him that because a screw was missing from a prior repair, there would be no warranty.  For 1) that's an absolutely ridiculous reason to invalidate a warranty; 2) that's something that should've been discussed with the customer prior to even doing the repair in the first place. 

Most other store-based services will typically offer a 90 day warranty (or not advertise any information about their warranty at all), and that says a lot about what kind of parts and repairs they're offering.

At FixNcell, we promise to do our very best to not only do your repair correctly and quickly in the first place, but we promise to do anything we can do to resolve any issues you might have after the repair.

Javan Pohl, FixNcell (owner)

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