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Warranty on other phone repairs

All repairs other than iPhone screen repair have a 6 month warranty. The same exclusions with the iPhone screen repair warranty apply to this warranty.

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Warranty on iphone screen repairs

iPhone screen repairs come with a 1 year warranty.  Examples of what the screen warranty covers:

  • Blank screen
  • Touch-screen not working correctly (e.g. dead spots)
  • ​Lowered resolution (jagged lines)
  • Flickering
  • In some cases (if there are no cracks in the image/LCD): screen discoloration and colored lines

Even if your repair was for replacing the iPhone Glass, and not the iPhone LCD, the warranty is still in effect as you get a new iPhone screen with either repair.

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Issues that void the warranty:

  • If there are signs of physical damage to the iPhone screen (chips, cracks, etc) or the iPhone is excessively bent then the warranty is no longer valid. 
  • Screen separation, where the glass is coming away from the plastic frame, is treated on a case-by-case basis. 
  • We do not invalidate your warranty simply because there are signs of damage to the iPhone itself or there are missing screws. 
  • Water damage technically voids our iPhone screen warranty, but as the severity of water damage can vary greatly, we typically will try replacing the iPhone screen once under warranty if there are signs of water damage.  Water damaged phones can have corrupted electrical systems that can damage newly installed parts.
  • Note that, while these issues are rare, there are components on the iPhone motherboard that control screen functionality (backlight and, in pre-6S generations, touch).  Our iPhone screen warranty does not extend to those issues.  If during your warranty repair, all the new screens we test show, or do not resolve, the issue then the issue is most likely something on the motherboard itself.  To repair motherboard issues, the iPhone must be sent off to a location that performs motherboard repairs.

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