Warranty on other phone repairs

All repairs other than iPhone screen repair have a 6 month warranty. The same exclusions with the iPhone screen repair warranty apply to this warranty.

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Warranty on iphone screen repairs

iPhone screen repairs come with a 1 year warranty.  This covers the normal functionality of the screen--it does not cover physical damage nor screens with physical damage.  Physical damage can occur to the LCD only, meaning that the glass or outer portions of the screen are unaffected.  Signs of LCD damage include noticeable cracks in the image.  Issues that are covered by the warranty include but are not limited to: the screen going blank or dim, fuzzy lines in the image, flickering, touchscreen issues.

Please note that in regards to the iPhone 6 Plus, these issues can occur with the phone itself and may not be the result of a faulty screen.

The warranty is invalid if the phone has water damage.  Water damaged phones can have corrupted electrical systems that can damage newly installed parts.

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