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Most of our GALAXY screen repair services can be done in an hour.  Some GALAXY screen replacement services can even be done in less than 15 minutes!  Come see us at FixNcell today for some of the fastest phone repairs around.

Worry-Free Guarantee

Our expert Samsung repairs are guaranteed on not only the replacement part but also on anything else that might have been affected by the repair is covered.  If you experience any issues after the repairs, you can rest assured that we will do our best to get your mobile device back to normal.

Comprehensive Repair Service

Not only do we fix broken glass on your Galaxy phone, but we also tackle any issue that your iPhone might be having.  Samsung phone won't turn on?  Bring it to us.  A lot of times the solution may be easier than you think.  We won't price-gouge if it's something as simple as doing a master reset and we'll charge a fair price for software restores.

At FixNCell Phone Repair, we typically only use OEM parts in our Galaxy Screen Repairs.  For Galaxy S6 through S7 phones, the appointment time only constitutes the drop-off time.  Duration of the repair may vary. Our Galaxy Screen Replacements come with a 6 month warranty.  Come see us at 100th & Wadsworth to get your cracked Samsung Galaxy phone screen fixed today.


At FixNcell, we provide quality Samsung Galaxy screen repairs at a reasonable price.  There are various methods of repairing broken Galaxy screens and we have chosen the way we think provides the best quality.  Cheaper methods involve performing the broken screen refurbishment in-house: removing the cracked glass from the LCD and applying a new glass screen either with adhesive around the edges and/or with reapplying the LOCA (liquid optically clear adhesive) to rebond the glass to the screen.  This method allows for a high chance of uneven LOCA application, inferior touchscreen performance, and dust or bubbles that have been trapped in the LOCA glue, diminishing the appearance of your freshly repaired Galaxy screen.  Here at FixNcell, we have opted to utilize the method of installing an entirely new screen, with the glass and LCD assembled at the factory.  The screens refurbished in this method are done in a clean room using non-liquid adhesive to bond the Galaxy screen LCD and glass together.  The combination of these methods result in a flush, streamlined, and CLEAN appearance that makes your broken Galaxy screen look at good as the first day you purchased it.

Not only does this result in more aesthetically pleasing appearance but also a much faster turnaround time for your broken Galaxy screen repair.  Cracked Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 screens can be repaired in as little 15 minutes, with new frames to make even the edges around the screen look as good as new.  Also, your still-functioning cracked Galaxy screen is credited towards the cost of the repair, as that screen will be sent off to the refurbishing factory to be used in a future repair.

See our prices below.  Don't forget to click the link to schedule your Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair to save $10. 



After completing your Galaxy screen repair or to prevent a screen repair from being necessary in the first place, come into FixNcell today to have our technicians put on a tempered glass Galaxy screen protector for only $10.

See the video below for a demonstration on how effect a tempered glass Samsung Galaxy screen protector can be:

Galaxy S7 with a broken front screen and distorted image
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