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iPhone Screen Repair

On this page, we'll provide more detail about the iPhone screen repair process at FixNcell, reviews from past screen repair customers, information about iPhone screens in general, and how you can learn more about getting your screen replaced.

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Mobile iPhone Repairs

The first thing to know about getting your iPhone screen replaced with FixNcell is that we are a mobile service: we go to you! While we used to have a store-front, we switched to mobile only repairs in 2020.

iPhone Screen "Repair" or "Replacement"?

Something that's important to note is that the terms "iPhone Screen Repair" and "iPhone Screen Replacement" will be used interchangeably. Technically it IS possible to repair an iPhone screen, but in most every case (with FixNcell and cell phone repair shops in general), the entire screen assembly will be replaced.

Types of Broken iPhone Screens

  • iPhone with Apple logo on screen and spider web like crack in the glass at the top

    Cracked Glass

    In these cases, the iPhone glass is cracked or shattered but the display and touchscreen underneath are still working correctly. Cracked glass can be a nuisance in that it: 1) cosmetically not appealing; 2) can cause you to cut your fingers or face; 3) can make it more likely for your screen to break entirely--leaving you unable to use your iPhone. If your iPhone screen suffers from this issue, we recommend that you schedule a screen repair with FixNcell today to have a new glass screen installed.

  • iphone screen with vertical white lines cover the left half of the screen

    Display Damage

    iPhones can have either a liquid-crystal display (LCD) or organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen. If the display portion of your iPhone screen has been damaged, that means certain ports of the screen may be blank or distorted. Thankfully, getting your iPhone screen replaced at FixNcell means that your iPhone display will be back to normal.

  • iPhone xr with cracked glass and most of the display blank

    Touch Screen Issues

    People often use the term "digitizer" to mean the display of the device, but that is actually a misnomer as "digitizer" means "touch screen" (or "touch monitor" or "touch panel"). To "digitize", in this case, means to convert the physical touches to digital signals. If your touch screen is not working correctly, that could mean you: 1) have "dead spots" on your iPhone screen that do not respond to touch, 2) that the screen is pressing itself ("ghost touch" or "phantom touches"--see an example of ghost touch here), 3) or that the screen does not respond to touches at all.

    It is very important to replace your screen if you are experiencing phantom touches because it can lead to too many failed passcode attempts and the disabling of your iPhone. Give us a call today so we can fix your iPhone touchscreen issue.

FixNcell iPhone Screen Replacement Process

  1. Schedule Your Repair

    You can book your iPhone Screen repair appointment through the website here, or by giving us a call at 303-421-6499.

  2. Make Sure Your iPhone is Charged

    It makes the repair process go much more smoothly if your iPhone is charged. That way our technician can do a test of your device to make sure everything is working properly when they install the new screen.

  3. Meet the Technician at the Designated Time and Place

    While our iPhone repair technicians can meet you anywhere, we typically go to your work or home to fix your broken phone.

    In most cases, the technician will perform the iPhone screen replacement in their vehicle, but if you have any privacy concerns, they can do the repair in your home.(*Note that the repair tech does not need your iPhone passcode in most cases, so your data is safe.)

  4. Wait for the Tech to Perform Their Phone Repair Magic

    FixNcell technicians typically require about 15 - 30 minutes to install a new iPhone screen.

  5. Check Your iPhone Screen After the Repair

    Make sure the new iPhone display is functioning properly, that there are no dead touchscreen spots, screen freezing, or damage to the LCD display.

  6. Pay

    The last thing to do is to pay for the screen repair. We accept cash and any major credit card as payment.

Reviews From Some of our Screen Repair Customers

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