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We offer two different iPhone screen repair prices depending on whether or not your iPhone's LCD is damaged.  The majority of customers will only need the iPhone cracked glass repair.  See the accompanying picture to get an idea which of one you need.  Don't forget to schedule an appointment to save $10 off getting your iPhone screen fixed!  The cost of iPhone screen repair at FixNcell starts at $69 (with the $10 off from booking an appointment included.)

In some cases the price of LCD repair for an iPhone is not listed.  That's because the LCD repair is much more dependent on the cost of the iPhone screen and changes often, whereas the glass repair price remains rather constant.  Also, a lot of people tend to incorrectly think they need LCD repair just because the glass is "really" shattered and we want to have a chance to clarify with those customers instead of scaring them off with a higher price :)

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100th & Wadsworth 

​Westminster, CO

Image of two iPhones, one that has cracked glass but you can see the screen clearly. The other iphone has a damaged LCD


FixNcell Phone Repair is one of the top-rated iPhone Screen repair services!

​Looking for iPhone Screen Repair Near You? Located at 100th & Wadsworth, we are one of the top-rated iPhone screen repair locations in the Denver area.  Here at FixNcell Phone Repair we use only the highest quality replacement parts and certified technicians to provide trusted & reliable iPhone Repairs.  Most iPhone screen repairs take 15-30 minutes and you save $10 off the cost of the repair by booking an appointment​ (walk-ins are fine as well.)  Our iPhone Screen Replacements come with a 12 month warranty.  Select your iPhone model for more information. 

If your iPhone screen is blank or it appears that your iPhone is not turning on, it could very likely just be a screen issue that we can quickly fix.  There is no charge for a diagnostic. 

FixNcell Phone Repair technician repairing a broken iPhone

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*Prices are one or the other, not both.  If your screen still shows an image like normal and the touch works, you only need the glass repair.

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