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Please scroll down to determine your iPhone Model

Model Number Model Name
A1428 iPhone 5
A1429 iPhone 5
A1442 iPhone 5
A1453 iPhone 5S
A1456 iPhone 5C
A1457 iPhone 5S
A1507 iPhone 5C
A1516 iPhone 5C
A1518 iPhone 5S
A1522 iPhone 6 Plus 
A1524 iPhone 6 Plus 
A1528 iPhone 5S
A1529 iPhone 5C
A1530 iPhone 5S
A1532 iPhone 5C
A1533 iPhone 5S
A1549 iPhone 6      
A1586 iPhone 6      
A1589 iPhone 6      
A1593 iPhone 6 Plus 
A1633 iPhone 6S     
A1634 iPhone 6S Plus  
A1660 iPhone 7
A1661 iPhone 7 Plus
A1662 iPhone 5 "SE"
A1687 iPhone 6S Plus  
A1688 iPhone 6S     
A1699 iPhone 6S Plus  
A1700 iPhone 6S     
A1723 iPhone 5 "SE"
A1724 iPhone 5 "SE"
A1778 iPhone 7
A1779 iPhone 7
A1784 iPhone 7 Plus
A1785 iPhone 7 Plus


Using the model number from the back of your iPhone (usually on the lower left or right hand side), please determine your correct iPhone model then return to the "iPhone Screen Repair" page.

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