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Iphone 7 repair in Westminster, CO

Other iphone 7 Repair

  • ​call for information for other iPhone 7 repairs as parts are still difficult to come by.

fixing your iphone 7

​​​iPhone Screen Repairs Come With a 1 Year Warranty


  • iPhone 7 Screen Repair Glass Only (LCD & touch still work)
    • ​cracked glass/screen but image is fine
  • iPhone 7 Glass & LCD Repair
    • ​LCD repair is if the screen has:
      • ​blank spots,
      • fuzzy lines,
      • ​distorted image,
      • no touch,
      • or the screen is completely blank (no image at all)
    • ​​ $99 (with appointment)
    • Click to Schedule

This is for the smaller, 4.7" iPhone 7, not the larger 5.5" iPhone 7 PLUS.  

If you need the 7 PLUS, click here.

As the #1 rated local iPhone repair service in the Westminster/Broomfield area, our technicians can get your broken iPhone 7 fixed and back to normal in no time.  We use high quality parts and your satisfaction with your repair is our top priority.  We have two different prices for iPhone 7 screen repair: glass vs LCD.  If your screen is still fully functioning and there are no blank spots in the image, it is most likely just the cracked-glass repair.  Even if the glass is completely shattered, it would be the lower price if the LCD is still fully functional.

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