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We'd prefer it if you didn't instantly break your cracked phone screen that we spent so much effort repairing.  Accordingly, we offer tempered glass screen protectors at very reasonable prices.  Most phone models are only $10.  


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We offer a wide variety of cell phone repairs, servicing everything from a broken iPhone screen to an LG Envy that needs a new headphone jack.  It's not possible to keep everything in stock, so a repair on a more obscure phone might require a few days to order a part.  Please give us a call so we can see what the price would be and how long it would take for the part to come in.  For iPhones, most items are in stock and repairs generally take an hour.  See the link below for iPhone repair prices or click here.

  • Cracked Glass Repair or broken LCD screens
  • Samsung Phone Repair
  • Cell Phone Repair
  • Battery/charging issues
  • Water damage treatment
  • Cameraphone repair
  • Software issues, such as boot-loops and the phone failing to start​

  • Closely located to Denver and Boulder

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